International Vodka Party 2017

The Multiplatform Edition


Krakow / PL, 1 - 3 September 2017


The IVP 2017 is a retro and demoscene event held since 2003, mostly in Krakow, sometimes in Zywiec.

The party usually is a ZX Spectrum and Sinclair meeting. From time to time it has its Multiplatform Edition, although even then it's strongly focused on Spectrum.

IVP is a small event but this time there came 20 people in total; dudes comin' from PL, UK, DE, FR. Mostly Sinclair and BEEPER scene members but also Atari 8bit and Atari 16/32bit users.

(Plus Topaz the Dog :) ).



This year we had Spectrum computers (ZX128K, ZX48K, ZX-UNO), Atari machines (XL/XE, ST/E, Falcon 060), Texas Instruments Calculators and game consoles like FamiCom, Sega, handhelds etc.



We had presentation made by Utz / Irrlicht Project (DE) about modern BEEPER engines for ZX Spectrum and a presentation by Pin & Mono (PL) about emulating ZX Spectrum on expanded Atari XL/XE monster-machines. :)


We had a long Friday excursion within Krakow's Old Town parts and Krakow's pubs. :) Lots of vodka, lots of beer.


We also had a LO-FI graphic compo for standard, monochrome, Z80-based Texas Instruments graphing calculators (TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus, and compatible models).
Works were submitted as 96x64 pixel, 2-color (black/white) *.bmp files. Entries have been converted into the TI format by the compo organizers. (Maximum of two works per author).


RESULTS of the Calculator 1-bit Graphic Compo for Texas Instruments
12 works in total.


1) sunset by Jokov / 133 points

2) sunrise by Jokov / 126 points


3) texbeep by Utz ^ Irrlicht Project / 113 points


4) arn-nrm by Argian 110 points


5 ex aequo) MAGAdeath by Equinox / 108 points


5 ex aequo) compo2017 by Radxcell / 108 points


6) garden by Yerzmyey / 87 points


7) make TI great again by Radxcell / 82 points


8) draco dormiens nunquam titillandus by Gasman / 70 points


9) enthropy by Argian / 68 points


10) contrabanda by MWK / 50 points


11) mwk by MWK / 45 points








(C) 2017 by Yerzmyey. IVP logo by Factor6

Photos by Yerz & Radxcell / Illusion