(with Z80-based music)



Well, demos for BEEPER were popular mostly in 80s. Some of them appeared in early 90s. So keep in mind please that BEEPER scene is almost non-active (cry, cry!!). There are only several active BEEPER musicians and even less fresh demos with Z80-based music.

Lately there appeare some new BEEPER demos but of course they're mostly music-collections (sometimes mixed with slideshows).

The newest or the best productions are higher on this site, some older are lower. Anyway if You don't have AY-interface yet, this site is exactly for You. :) You can find here many demos with Z80 music (chiptunes & digital).

 (To load TAPs into ZX Spectrum You can use TAP2WAV).




SteNichol's Tunes (2017) 







WHAM! The Rest in Peace Box (2017) - a 1kb intro related with death of George Michael who always will be related for ZX48 people with the first proper BEEPER music-editor - "Wham! The music box".







RAIN (2016) - a very interesting production made by Life on Mars group. Stuff moving on the screen, while the 9-channels BEEPER music (!!) is playing - it makes an impression. 






Tunes 2016 (well, yes - released in the 2016 ;) ). A music-collection made by Ste. Nichol.







1-bit Mechanistic (2016) - a music-collection made by Atari Tufty (music/gfx) and Irrlicht Project (code).






JAN DEAK TRIBUTE / IN MEMORIAM (2014) - in the year 2014, one of the greatest ZX BEEPER coders has passed away. 

This demo is a tribute to this programmer and musician. 

It contains songs made on Jan's engines only, including the 16-channels BEEPER engine: ZX-16. 








Blaxa-Muxa (2014) - A music-collection by AER. 









DIGI POP by MISTER BEEP and TK90X-FAN (2014). The demo contains 3 fully digital (MOD-like) 1-bit song, 3-channels based.







TRITONE DEMO by FrankT (2014)







THIS IS TRITONE! Episode 2 (2013)








THIS IS TRITONE! Episode 1 (2013)














Battle of the Bits 4 (2013)







Battle of the Bits 3 (2013) 








Battle of the Bits 2 (2013)









Tank Battle OST (2013) - just a short compilation by Introspec but the file contains also his BEEPER engine. 








utztape#3  The end of 2012. Another demo from 'irrlicht project'.







NEBULA FIGHT 2012. Music-collection from MISTER BEEP. Coded by Shiru. Graphix by Trixs. 








CHAOS CONSTRUCTIONS 2012 Music-collection from the party. Coded by Shiru.  









DANCEBIT by AER (2012). 3 moving object in fullscreen while beeper music is playing? Impressive.  






KICKMASTER 2012. A small music-demo by Baxter. 








9 CHANNELS 2011. Another mega-demo from MISTER BEEP. Intro AY music by Yerzmyey, intro code/gfx by Factor6. Further main code by Hellboj, further main gfx by Trixs, the main BEEPER songs of course by MISTER BEEP. 

The demo contains NINE (9!!) channels BEEPER music. 








Surfcity 2012. A small music-demo by Alko. 







International Vodka Party 2011 (1-bit Music) - a music-collection from BEEPER compo of International Vodka Party 2011 The Beeper Edition party, coded by Shiru. Many great songs, many brilliant engines, many fantastic musicians!






Zywiec 2011. A basic-joke-demo made in "real-time" ;) while IVP 2011 party. Contains Mister Beep's music (press "M" key). Coded by FACTOR6, HELLBOJ, gfx by FACTOR6, ideas and scrolltext - FACTOR6, HELLBOJ, TDM, YERZMYEY, IRRLICHT PROJECT, music by MISTER BEEP. 







Justin Beeper 2011. An excellent BEEPER demo by Gasman/HOOY-PROGRAM for ZX Spectrum 16K (!!) containing many good effects + scroll + beeper music SIMULTANOUSLY!! :) 

Presented at Sunrise 2011 and came 1st in 'oldschool demo compo'. 






CHAOS CONSTRUCTIONS BEEPER MUSIC 2011 - a music-collection from BEEPER compo of CC 2011 party, coded by Shiru. 






utztape#2  2011. Another demo from 'irrlicht project'.






uztape#1 2011. A debut of 'irrlicht project' BEEPER musician.






Shiru's 1-bit music 2010 / 2011- a set of Shiru's BEEPER composition.  






Battle of the Bits 2010 - a music-collection from the BEEPER compo. Coded by Shiru. 




CHAOS CONSTRUCTIONS BEEPER MUSIC 2010 - a music-collection from BEEPER compo of CC 2010 party, coded by Shiru. 




EXILE (Voxel) 2010. The music in audio format is available from this site.




D!Halt 2010 ZX Spectrum 1-bit Music - a music-collection from BEEPER compo of DiHalt 2010 party. Coded by Shiru. On the left (yellow digits) there are results of the party voting; on the right (green digits) - results of on-line voting.






TS-2068 DEMO (MISTER BEEP) 2010 - a mega-demo made especially for TIMEX SINCLAIR 2068 but works also on ZX Spectrum 48 / Plus / Timex Computer 2048 and all higher machines. Contains two chiptunes and three digital songs.




8 CHANNELS (MISTER BEEP, Factor6, TRIXS) 2009 - 8 channels BEEPER chiptunes!! :)




1-bit attack (MISTER BEEP, JAD, TRIXS) 2008 - chiptunes & digital songs





IDIOT ON THE MOTORWAY (Johny NO1, Factor6) 2009







BEEPER DEMO (MISTER BEEP) 2006 - chiptunes & digital songs





VODKEMON (Gasman, MISTER BEEP, Exin) 2006




MUSIC PLAYER (Regent Software) 1990




MUSIC PLAYER 2 (Regent Software) 1991





Ravers' Paradise (Illusion) 1996 - don't forget to switch OUTPUT on BEEPER!! Only digital songs here.




Gold Girl (AER) 2010




SPUTNIK (naTrent, Habib, Yerz, LA.Esq) 2000             ANTARES II (profSoft, QJeta, KVM) 1993





Magic Show Intro (Speccy Boyz) 1996 - don't forget to switch OUTPUT on BEEPER!! Digital song.





DATAPUTER Quick Demo (Dataputer/MQM) 1993 - don't forget to switch OUTPUT on BEEPER

(press "S" then "1" in the main part)!! Digital song.






            Tim Follin Music (Jaan Viira) 1994             The Collected Works Part II (The Lords) 1989





        TDL (Doctor V/Dark Lords) 1988                        Tim Follin Music Demo (Var) 1989





        Play it once more (SSC-Soft) 1989                Savage Demo (Saposoft & Busy Soft) 1991





                 XTREE (Bill Gilbert) 1989                   Norton Commander Demo (Bill Gilbert) 1989





      Jukebox TrancePort (Alfa Soft) 1988                                     Transfered From Amiga (Mr Incognito) 1994

                                                                                      - don't forget to switch OUTPUT on BEEPER!! Only digital songs here.





       Summer Sounds (Tarzan Boy) 1988             Summer Sounds 2 (Tarzan Boy) 1988





    Special Sound 48 (Pavel Nikitin) 1992                4 Channels Demo 2 (Janosy, Kozma, Hegedus) 1987





        Sound Demo 1 (Theo Devil) 1992                       Sound Demo 2 (Theo Devil) 1992





        Sound Demo 3 (Theo Devil) 1992                      Sound Demo 7 (Theo Devil) 1992





        Smurf's Shit 1 (Hacker Chris) 1988                   Smurf's Shit 2 (Hacker Chris) 1988





                Play Music 1 (Thorin) 1990                               Game and Poke (Thorin) 1989




          PETE'S JUKEBOX 2 (PJB) 1986                M&Z Musics 2 (Maciej Zielinski) 1987





     Orfeus Music Demo (JardaSoft) 1996            Depeche Mode, The Singles 81-85 (Danish Cracking Department) 1987





                    MIRAGE 2 (Raf) 1989                                   Celtic Music (Chezron Software)





Don't Stop the Music (Castor Cracking Group) 1987                                              CHOKI (Max Hedrom) 1987




        Great Shit 48 (Hacker Chris) 1988                      Big Shit III (Hacker Chris) 1987                        Big Shit IV (Hacker Chris) 1987




          Big Shit VI (Hacker Chris) 1987                          Big Shit VIII (Hacker Chris) 1987                      KIX 48 Demo (1989, Hacker Chris)






MUSIC DEMO 01 (The Cat group - TomCatAbaddon and DaveTM) 1989







           Best Sounds 1 (Fabrixoft) 1989                          Best Sounds 2 (Fabrixoft) 1989




        48 FUNK BOX (Rich Swann) 1993







Mix of Sabrina (1988, Szafran)





Turbo Pascal 3.0 (1988, Hacker Thompson)




Zero Music (1988, Phonex and M&Z)





Tim Follin Music Hits (1989, Mikropol Hackers)