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ZX rubber keyboard (very sexy :) )





ZX ports. From the left: power, ZX-bus, oudio-out, oudio-in (both also for tape-recorder), TV.


ZX upside down. ;) In opposite to other 8-bitters, ZX doesn't need sound from TV-set because it has its own speaker (left/lower corner) like contemporary laptops. :) Of course it has also regular oudio-out port (called MIC).


ZX main-board


(Click to enlarge) Sinclair was selling ZX Spectrum with a good idea: it's not necessary to buy everything *at once* inside of computer:

it becomes too expensive then (and more and more _huge_).

But it's still possible to buy easily additional modules when it's required. This is ZX48K, AY-interface, joystick interface and divIDE flash-card/hdd drive.

Well, of course divIDE is a contemporary device for Spectrum. :)




Brand new (2009) AY and YM interfaces for ZX Spectrum 16K / ZX Spectrum 48K / ZX Spectrum 48K Plus / Timex Computer 2048 made by ZAXON

(click to enlarge)

You can buy them HERE!!!!