In standard mode both comps - ZX48 and ZX128 can display the same pictures in 15 colors and 256*192 resolution.

Below You can find some examples what Spectrum 48K can display in standard mode.

Pictures are made by the finest Spectrum graphicians (mainly from Russia & ex-CCCP, also from Slovakia and other countries) and by one crap graphician (that's me).

Enjoy the beauty of ZX gfx possibilities. No CPU's activity.


                        Rion-Unreal                                                                    Viator-Spider                                                Ice'Di-Sunshiki


                    Diver+pr0f-Humming Bird                                                Survivor-Pusher                                                        Viator-Rush


                    Trixs-Wing                                                Viator-Chaos                                                                Trixs-Fear


                        Survivor-The Edge                                        Survivor-My Army!                                                    Trixs-Bojovnik


                        Vlad-Tree                                                            Survivor-Kin Ship (key la!)                                    Survivor-Intimacy



                    Survivor-AquaLove                                 Stanly Stall-Nochnoj Dozor                               Yerzmyey-Satan Claus


                        Stanly Stall-In Time                                            Survivor-Eyesight                                                        Vlad-House


                        Snake-Snake1                                                    Relict-Photo                                                        Rion-Real


                Stanly Stall-Imagination                                           Relict-Early Morning                                           Yerzmyey-Death




                    Relict-Dee                                                     Radio_Alex-SkyJump                                            Radio_Alex-Binary Love



                     r0m-Hobo                                                r0m-Hellclowns                                            Relict-Creation


                Yerzmyey-Stupid point of view                                        pr0f-Nice Day                                                        Newart-Worm



                    Radio_Alex-AbstrLov                                            Newart-Crazy Guy                                        Newart-OT_Baldy


                        Mixer-Strelka                                                        r0m-Hellclowns 2                                 Yerzmyey-A non-completed fish


                LCD-My sweet ZX mouse                                        Lemming-Strange                                                    Liza-Unicorn


                            LCD-Kaiju                                                        Kacuk-City                                                    Ice'Di-Wild_Dragon



                    Kamikaze-Dark_God                                            Ice'Di-Stoned                                                Ice'Di-Dullish


                   Yerzmyey-Hello mommy!!                                       Hedjehog-Flowers We Grow                                       Gas13-Tram racing


                    Hedgehog-Green                                                  Yerzmyey-Clouds                                                Ice'Di-Sickness


              Hedgehog-Dark Castle                                        Gas13-The Real Face                                            Gas13-Clean




                Gas13-Chunked                                                    Fil-Volkodav                                                                Fil-Fil2


                        Fil-Fil4                                                                Exocet-Ruhe                                                      Exocet-Holiday in the sun



                Exocet-Friendship                              Eternity Industry-CC2000 Invitation                            Diver-Wrong Way


                     Diver-Village People                                                    Diver-Vavoom                                                    D_Art-Crazy Cow



           Diver-Springtime Feelings Forever               Diver-Mercenary 2 Samus Aran Forever                        Diver-Mercenary


                         CVM-Whispering                                                 Cannibal-Hono



                        Breeze-Mushu                                                            Breeze-Gonza



                        Baze-Monique                                                            Art-First Association


                        Jan Simko-Porshe











                    Tihonov-Paralich                                                Outland-E'97Show                                                 Tihonov-Hard Rock



          Surfin'Bird-New Old Frontier                                    Moran-Lone                                                            Ivan Bobov-Kot1



        RoboNIX-Dangerous Temptation                            Outland-E'97Bird                                                            Moran-Fracte4



                Moran-Through me                                      Jaroslav Tararikov-Bruce                                            Barkov-CopperFeet





                        Hazard-Stigma                                                        Moran-Kinder Tripman                                        Moran-Entrapped



                        Cat_Man-Art1                                                  Moran-Be aware                                                        Investigator-Tram



                        Moran-All Alone                                                     Lemming-Knight                                                        Edas-Slot



                        Alien-Birga                                                        CAV-Wildman                                                                Fil-Fil1



                     Berg-Main Scener