There are thousands (or more) of ZX games. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, some of them are the best versions in comparison to other platforms.

We will not focus on games on this site because there are many sites dedicated to Spectrum games.

If You want to download them, simply visit WOS site.


Here is a list of GAMES WORKING ON ZX48k+AY!!!


As for ZX48 games in general, just to give You some idea of the progs, I put below several screenshots:



Viaje al Centro de la Tierra                        Addams Family                                            Rygar




Spellbound Dizzy                                            R-Type                                                        Rex




Stardust                                                            Lemmings                                                    Overlander




Myth                                                                Ramparts                                                    Renegade III




Olli and Lissa II: Halloween                        Karnov                                                        La Espada Sagrada




Renegade                                                        Jet Story                                                        Cybernoid




Fred                                                                Blinky's Scary School                                    Iron Lord




Full Throttle II                                                Cybernoid 2                                                    Ice Breaker




Dynamite Dan II                                            Flying Shark                                                Crystal Kingdom Dizzy