People quickly noticed that music (however it was more than fine) can't take all CPU's powers. And - since AY chip was typical for ZX48K (interfaces coming from ZX81 in 1981) and for ZX Spectrum 128K (internal AY chip) - the one standard of AY ports stabilized for Spectrum 48 in form of contemporary AY-interface (in CZ/SK known as a Melodik interface), that appeared in (about) 1986, from Polish 'Stavi' company.


Sadly today ZX48K scene is rather not very active. Slowly, within years 1996/1999 people moved on 128K models (difference to 48K is more-less like between Amiga 500 & Amiga 1200). However to that moment, ZX48K was a mainstream machine for ZX scene.


Nowadays only few groups support Spectrum 48K with their productions and thanx to them You can notice here also progs made contemporary.


Below You can find demos written especially for ZX48K+AY which is a standard config. Well, not ALL-ever-made demos of course. :)


(To load TAP/TZX files into ZX Spectrum You should use TAP2WAV. To load *.z80 files use  K7ZX).





Jophar (2019) - a small new-school demo by Shadow/Noice and Yerzmyey. Came 1st in oldskool demo compo of Gerp 2019 party. 










Megademica 4K (2019) - a new-school demo that is actually a 4K intro (!!) made by SerzhSoft and Gasman. Came 1st in oldskool intro compo of Revision 2019 party. 








Fearzone 48K (1998 - 2018) - a new-school demo by Naughty Crew, ported into ZX48 in 2018.









Attribute 2 You (2018) - a new-school demo made by MatGubbins and Yerzmyey.









Big Things (2017) - SpeccyPL, a new-school demo from Forever. 







GemBand (2016) - a music collection by Gemba Boys. 








New View 48K (2015) - a new-school demo from Conscience. Came second on Forever 2015 party. 








Big Things LITE (2015) - 3rd place on Riverwash 2014.











Mission Highly Improbable (2014) - a new-school demo from HOOY-PROGRAM (Gasman, Hellboj, Ralf) with Alone Coder, Lord Vader and TK90X-Fan, made for Forever 2014 party. It took the 1st place in the ZX demo compo. Graphic by Piesiu, Trixs, RedBalloon, Equinox, Yerz. All AY songs by Yerzmyey. BEEPER music by MISTER(ious) BEEP. 







The Blossoming Years (2015). A big music-collection of MmcM.










YERZMYEY's SLIDESHOW (2013). A huge mega-demo slideshow (219 Kb) for ZX Spectrum 16K / ZX Spectrum 48K that contains 16 parts with 16 full-screen pictures and 16 songs. For music You need an AY-interface (only 15th part has music made for BEEPER). Made in 2013. Authors: Yerzmyey, Hellboj, Factor6, Gasman. 








On Her Majesty's Sceneish Service: Sundown 2013 Invitation. A small nice invitro made by Gasman/HOOY-PROGRAM in 2013.









ASTRAL COMBAT - a music-collection released in 2013, containing 3 parts and 8 fully digital songs made by Yerzmyey. Code by Shiru, graphic by Piesiu and Trixs. 










New Wave - a newschool demo made by Alone Coder and friends (HOOY-PROGRAM, Lord Vader, Trixs and other guys). Came 2nd on Forever 2013. 














DIZZZRUPTOR - a new-school demo from HOOY-PROGRAM with MAT / ESI, Tygrys, Trixs, Piesiu and Alone Coder. Came 1st on Forever 2012. Contains also a MOD-like digital song.










ZEMAN - a funny new-school demo from GEMBABOYS, made for 30 Anniversary of ZX Spectrum 48K. Came 2nd on Forever 2012. 










ZX DEBUT - a cool small demo from NOICE + friends. Came 3rd on Forever 2012. 









CRITICAL ERROR - a new-school demo for ZX48K containing also a MOD-like digital song and the first full-screen 3D DOOM-like effect for Spectrum48 in the world. Made by HOOY-PROGRAM with ALONE CODER and PIESIU.

Came first in Forever 2010 8-bit party demo-compo. (2011, trackmo)







Reliable Fraud - a new-school demo for ZX48K from Riverwash 2011 party. Made by Tygrys, Slayer and Voyager. Came first in 'oldschool demo-compo'. (2011, trackmo)








Gemba - a new-school demo by Gemba Boys for ZX48K. Came second in Forever 2011 8-bit party demo-compo. 

(2011, trackmo)








48K DEMO - a new-school demo for ZX48K containing also a MOD-like digital song. Came second in Forever 2010 8-bit party demo-compo. (2010, trackmo)







Bunch of Arse - a new-school style (1999, trackmo)







Higher State - a  new-school demo for ZX48K (1998, trackmo)









Wirne - a  new-school demo for ZX48K (2003, trackmo)









IVP 2009 SLIDESHOW - a slideshow of 53-colours pictures sent to the only Polish ZX Spectrum meeting - International Vodka Party (edition in year 2009). ^^^SIT TWO MILES AWAY FROM MONITOR!!!!!^^^ ;) Low-resolution hazard! ;) 

(2009, slideshow)








CIRCLELUSIONS - a new-school style (1998, trackmo)









HAIKU - a new-school style (2005, trackmo by Gasman/HOOY-PROGRAM - BUT 4K intro :) )









INSANE - a new-school style (1997, trackmo)








THE LAST 48 (whatta SOROWFUL title!! ARRRRRGH!!) a new-school style (1998, trackmo)






SILAbbA - a crazy-demo (2009, trackmo style) but still looks nice, has nice music with interesting AY synthesis (at last! :) ) and is really fast as for BASIC.







Erdelyi Bela's Sampletrack Collection - a digital music-collection by Exodus (digital / MOD-like music).













CRAPMO III - another BASIC parody of new-school demos; contains also digital / MOD-like music!! (2009)








DIGI SYNTH 2 - a kilo-demo including also a digital / MOD-like track. (1993)








MARWIN's GALLERY - a slideshow (1997)









PONDLIFE  - an old-school demo by HOOY-PROGRAM & RAWW ARSE (2001, mega-demo)








X-Factor - a small new-school style (1997, trackmo)









DELAYED MEGADEMO 48K - old-school style (1995)










MF9/53c/Slideshow - another low-res slideshow from a compo (Russian this time) of 53-colours pictures. (2013, slideshow)








ABSTRACTION - old-school style (1995, mega-demo)









AGONY - an old-school style (1993, mega-demo)











- a crazy-demo by HOOY-PROGRAM :) (2008)










FL-DEMO - a digital/MOD-like song plus moving effect!! ZX Spectrum can show various effects while 3-channels digital music is being played (!!!)










ADAGE - a mega-demo containing digital (MOD-like) music










British Battle-Tracker - an old-school style (1996, mega-demo)











CannonBall - an old-school demo by HOOY-PROGRAM (1999, mega-demo).










CRYSTAL - an old-school style (1993, mega-demo).












Dark Music - an old-school style (1994, mega-demo).










EKOLOGIK - a new-chool style (2008, trackmo)









Digital Art Fantasy (1996, old/new school)









EXODUS MegaDemo - an old-school style (1993, mega-demo).











FIRST ASSOCIATION - a GIANTIC (1,63 MB!!) demo consist of old-school and new-school parts. Only half of the demo is for ZX48K but it still gives You several HOURS of watchin'&listennin'. (1998, the biggest mega-demo ever made on any demo-scene).










INDUSTRIAL PARADAYZZZ - a music-collection by HOOY-PROGRAM, containing only digital MOD-like music

(1998, kilo-demo).









Infarct - mega-demo.











Inner Universe - an old-school style (1994, mega-demo)











YERZMYEY's MUSIC-TAPE - a music-collection (2002, mega-demo)










KRAFT - an old-school style (1993, mega-demo)










LSD MegaDemo - an old-school style (1992, mega-demo)










The Lyra II - an old-school style (1991, mega-demo)









Madness Remix - an old-school style (1991, mega-demo)










MAGIC SHOW - an old-school demo containing the best AY digital (MOD-like) music not only for ZX48K but for Spectrum in general. Btw, ZX Spectrum can show various effects while 3-channels digital music is being played (!!!) (1996, mega-demo)









Crazy Show - an old-school style (1995, mega-demo)











MEGADEMO - an old-school style










MEGALOMANIA - an old-school style (1995, mega-demo)










The Misha MegaDemo - old-school stuff (1993)










MQM 3 - an old-school containing digital (MOD-like) music, 1992










MQM 4 - a music-collection (1993)









MQM 5 - fine & huge mega-demo (1995)










NEOGEN - an old-school mega-demo












1998 DEMO - old-school stuff. Kilo-demo.










No Inspiration Demo - an old-school demo, containing also MOD-like music (1993).











1998 Demo 2 - old-school stuff. Kilo-demo.












CHIMERA - old-school stuff (1994)










NMI 3 - old-school stuff (1991)











NUMA NO YOJIN - an old-school demo containing famous Czech song "Jozin z bazin". ;) (2008).










OVERSCAN - a demo containing fine multicolour effects (1991).












Open Your Eyes - old-school stuff (1994, mega-demo)










PANCAKE - old-school stuff (1991, kilo-demo)












SCHIZOPHRENIA - old-school stuff. Btw, ZX Spectrum can show various effects while digital music is being played!!! (1995)











SHOCK MegaDemo - old-school stuff  (1992)









KAZ Sixth Demo - it contains fine multicolour effects (1990)










SMASH MegaDemo - old-school stuff (1996)










SMD - old-school stuff










SORRY - old-school stuff (1996)










SS MegaDemo - old-school stuff (1996)











1996 DEMO (music-collection)











THERE - an old-school/music-collection demo containing digital (MOD-like) songs (1995)










Twin Worlds - old-school stuff (1994)










TWIN WORLDS 2 - an old-school kilo-demo (1998)










Real Xmas Demo '92 - old-school stuff (1992)








Haluzkynation - a crazy-demo (2006)








Second Attempt (1994)










ACHERON - a music-collection (1995)








AY Music Demo 2 - an old-school kilo-demo (1992)









CAT-MAN's GALLERY - a slideshow (1994)









THE NINJA MILKMAN CONSPIRACY - an old-school demo (2008)










Chocoholica - a music-collection (2002)










CRAPMO - a crazy-demo, a parody of new-school demos (1999)









CRAPMO 2 - like above (1999)










Doxycon '99 Music Compo Songs - a music-collection (1999)








DelirioMIND - an old-school demo (1996)









Destiny Sounds (1992)









DO-LITTLE - it is 48K version of this old-school demo (1998)









DRSP - the demo contains digital music.










Dupa Biskupa or Mrtka z Krtka - a crazy-demo, a parody of new-school demos (2002)











Eye of the Beholder - old-school stuff (1993)










FP Gift - old-school stuff









Gemini - old-school stuff (1994)








GIFT 2008 - a small&nice new-year demo









HYPERSONIC 2 - old-school stuff (1992)










Inner Space 5 - the demo contains MOD-like music









IVP2008 by FACTOR6
















KRISS MUSIC - a music-collection








Letter for Tuleby (1998)









Millenium Player - a music-collection (2000)









OFF TOPIC - the demo contains digital MOD-like music (1997)










TOTAL MURDER - a crazy-demo :) (2004)








SHINY Demo (2004)